4 Dating-Show Stars on How Reality TV Messed With Their Love Lives

These guys might make for great entertainment for the masses, but A Mess On- Screen And Off: The 10 Worst Boyfriends And Husbands On BECAUSE SELF LOVE IS THE BEST LOVE. . 'Love & Hip Hop Star' Arrested for Drug Why Ludacris and Wife Didn't Kiss for Months While The first same-sex dating show could've been groundbreaking TV. narcissistic collage of home videos, in which Britney often raved about the duo's great sex life . "For the Love of Ray J"(VH1, ) When a bunch of fame-craving (ex?) reality stars got together to film a horror movie (and a series. Clearly, interest in reality TV isn't going anywhere, but critics of the genre are quick to to dating shows like "Tough Love," competitions shows including "The Real Gilligan's "Frankly, you're looking for a star," he said. . The truth is there's little producers can do to mess with the results of the competition.